Grade 4

East St. Paul

What a home can mean

Home is where you are free to be yourself. With no none telling you who you need to be. It does not matter where you live. In the park, in a treehouse, the beach, the forest or the city. It is your home, and no one can change that. When I’m at home, I feel secure and safe with my family around me. I’m cozy warm when the fireplace’s warm steamy air drifts onto my cold body as I wait for my meal. Home is a place when you can stay warm during the cold winter months. A place where you can stay dry during the storm. Home is not just a place where you sleep. It is a place when you can share feeling, ideas and of course, love. Home is peaceful when I play in my cubby. The house is loud when the hockey game is on, and the family is crowded on the sofa and the sound of people cheering form the tv screen. Home is a place where your family can help you when needed. When you are sad, your family will bring love into the room and almost at once, a smile on your face. When I say home, I get a picture in my head of memories of the times that I have spent with my loving family. Home can be place where your dreams come true. When the good vibes in and the bad vibes out. Home is love. Home is kindness. Home is trust in the ones you love. No matter where you are, you will feel like you are at home with the ones you love close