Grade 5


What a good home!

Home means everything to me. Home is the best thing ever. It has all your favourite things, but a house does not have your favourite things. My home is a funny, a happy and a respectful place. My home is different from others, some people don’t have comfortable and good things but I have special things. We are free in our home we have rights too. My home has things that I like. I need to feel loved I need to feel something in my home. We need to be safe and free. I have the right to talk in my language. I have a relaxing time with my family. My home has all my memories. I can’t be homeless or I would be so sad. I don’t even fight with my brother at other houses because nobody could see. It’s much more different in my home. I feel safe at home. I live my life at home. If I be homeless it would be so bad because I WOULDN’T SLEEP!And that is bad. Can you even think about that? Who would want this to happen? Well not me.