Grade 6

Grande Prairie

We’re All in This Together

Most people would say a home is a house and it can be, but not always. If you live in a house where you get abused, made fun of, hurt physically or mentally that is no home. When I think of home I think of a feeling, and it’s my own unique feeling. When I think of home, I think of a place that doesn’t need to be my house, it doesn’t even need to be a house. I think of a place where I’m welcome, I’m loved, I can express my feelings and I don’t need to hide anything. A house is a building, a home is way more. A home is a place where you spend time with your family and friends. It’s where you make memories, a place of love, a place of kindness and a place that you don’t care about what others think about you. At home you can be yourself. When I think of home I think of a place where we’re all in this together.