Grade 6


Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Home is really big, home is really fun.

Home is not too old,

it still protects me from the cold.

Home is really sweet,

and it gives me lots to eat.

Home provides a roof above my head,

and gives me a nice cozy bed.

My home gives me lots of things to admire,

like a beautiful chimney, with a roasting fire,

to a gorgeous garden with flowers the whole neighborhood desires.

Home keeps me safe,

it’s like a hero without a cape.

Home brings back to where things begun,

home is where my first footsteps were done.

But some don’t know home, and they live on the streets.

I hope they can all have a home to meet.

I want them to have a plate with lots of things to eat.

I hope they can live in a kind neighborhood with great people to greet.

I want home to give them a huge hug,

and let them be free, cozy and snug.

I want everyone to experience home,

and never be alone.

So let’s work together,

and stop homelessness forever!