Grade 5

St. Thomas

Welcome Always

Words scratched on paper,
is not enough to describe,
the feeling of home.

A house can be filled with
furniture and plumbing.
And should you have to leave
pack gently the memories and fun,
into your home.
Into your hearts.

Should you need to leave yours,
you will be welcome at my home,
for mine is your own.

Welcome in our hearts,
You may come to us if you wish.
You may already have a home,
or you become part of one,
For once you have left a home,
you have never really left.

A house is a building,
but should you leave,
It won’t be your house anymore.
Home will always be yours.
It connects you.
It is a part of you.

You may wish to leave it,
leave it all behind.
And if you do,
remember us,
as we will remember you.

You will always be welcome in our house,
our hearts,
and our home.