Grade 5


We Should All Have A Home

We should ALL have a warm place to stay. I would love to help people in need. Everyone had
the right to have a home no matter what! Whether they are a person of colour or they like girls
or boys, they all should be treated the same! I love to help if it’s making breakfast, whether it’s
going to a hospital in a pandemic to make someone have a smile on their face. My goal is to help
anyone have a warm place to stay. When I was little my family did not have a lot of money,
but if we had any left we would try to help.

People should be more grateful for their homes, and that they have heat. Some people have to
live on the streets and are having hard times. Some have to work three jobs. And, no they can’t
buy a house with that money because it goes to food or clothes. Sometimes they can’t even get
a job because they can’t shower. It makes me so upset when kids and adults are ungrateful.

My dad is in Ontario because he is trying to keep our home. He is trying to help us have a better
life. I might not live with my dad but he is the best dad I could ask for. I just want to say, if you’re
struggling in life there is light at the end of the tunnel!