Grade 6


We all need a great home

A home can be different for everyone. In your house it can be a special place just to you,
Some people may have a rough time at home but without the problems it is a place they love. Some may live in a trailer or apartment but you can use home as a word. It can mean a place you love with people you love in it. Home can be a feeling it can be a feeling of support, no judgement, and a comfort.

In your home there can be lots of fun either if its with friends, family, or even pets!
Some people might have a family game night once a week or have special family traditions that are unique to them. You might play videogames with friends every weekend or play sports with them and that might just be something you do every
week/day. But home can be just making a fort with your siblings, drawing art with them or even showing them how to do something like homework or how to draw something. One thing that makes me happy is when I come home from school every day and my dog is at the door waiting for me and I play with him for a bit before I go do my homework. I sometimes have family over and we do a barbecue and all of these things they remind me of home.

One thing that reminds me of home a lot is when I come home and smell food cooking.
or when i come upstairs after videogames on the weekend or homework and smell food cooking. One thing that makes me happy is when I smell one of my family members baking food like cookies or pie. Sometimes when i am hungry I can just come upstairs and grab food and it’s not like a restaurant where you need to wait for food and you can just grab a snack. One food that reminds me of home is crapes because we have them on the weekends usually. I think that many people have food that can remind them of their home.

A home can be a safe place that you can just be at and feel comfortable. A home can be a safe place literally if there is an emergency like tornado or hurricane. Or a place where people can just feel safe being there because it can comfort them that it’s their place that they can unwind and know that all these different things are there to comfort them like tv, family, food, games, pets, loved ones/friends. All these things can make people happy that are at their home and make them feel comfort and just a sense of safety.

All of these things I think are good reasons why everyone needs a home because we can all use a place of warmth, family, food, and an amazing place that we can all use to feel good about ourselves after a long day. If it’s food, pets, family,friends, games, drawing, no matter what we can all deserve a home to live in no one should need to have the experience of not living in a home of warmth with loved ones. Some people may not be as lucky as others to buy a home. That’s why I think habitat for humanity is a great company and is helping many people to live a better life.