Grade 5


Washing Machine Trouble

“Ughhh. How am I going to wash my absolutely disgusting jersey for tomorrow’s game?!” 12 year old boy Aaron Williams said to himself. He thought about his 10 year old brother Jason who also enjoys soccer like Aaron. Jason has practice tomorrow too. Aaron’s game is at 10:00 p.m. Aaron was so busy he didn’t even realize what time it was. It was very late at night and as soon as he noticed the time he went straight to his wooden bed on the floor.

As soon as Aaron woke up he went to have breakfast, and then brush his teeth with a toothbrush that the whole family shared. Right after he went to keep on doing what he was doing yesterday; which was trying so hard to build a washing machine for his family. Aaron was so busy building the washing machine that he forgot all about his jersey! “How am I going to wash and dry my jersey in time for the game!” Aaron said to himself. Aaron rushed into his shack and almost bumped into his mother who was holding a clean jersey! “Thank you so much Mother! I almost forgot!” Aaron said. Aaron sprinted to his field with his jersey on, and got there just in time. It was late at night in the last minutes of the game when Aaron scored an amazing goal! Aaron’s team won the game and he won a whole bunch of money for winning! Aaron snuck out of bed, at 12:30 p.m. and woke up his friend and went to buy Aaron’s family a washing machine. Together they carried it home to Aaron’s shack. Aaron woke up his mother and hugged. “Thank you Aaron, what would I do without you?” His mother said.