Grade 5


Was my Home

I was like you and you. I had a place to go now I don’t. I have nowhere to sleep or eat. I roam the sidewalks. I had a home and a roof over my head and is no longer here. Now I have a ripped soggy blanket over my head and raindrops splashing on my face from the tree branches. There is a plastic bag caught on the branch russling in the wind and I feel like that piece of garbage. Everyone has walked away from me.

I remember the warmth of my bed and the smell of cookies cooking in the kitchen. The smell always pulled me towards the food and my family but now that I have no home I cannot find my family. I love my family.

They say that home is where your heart is. I don’t have a home so I must not have a heart. It’s always cold and dark. I wipe the dust off my dress and keep walking. I see my family down the road and realize I still have a heart as I have my family to love and care for.

I hear a thunk out of no where. It was not like you hear when something hits the ground and pain was shooting through my head. Wait a minute! Suddenly I heard a voice but not around me rather from up in the sky. I looked around but there was no one!

Who was talking to me and why does my head hurt. I heard the voice again. I woke up from where I fell asleep on my couch to the welcoming sound of my mother’s voice calling me my brother flicking me on the head and the delicious smell of cookies! I feel safe and loved and am not scared anymore.

Now when I see a homeless person I understand how they must feel. I will always try to take food to the foodbank to help people that are in this situation. As for my brother maybe we can sell him?