Grade 4

Berwick, NS
Nova Scotia

Warmness is Home

Warmness is the feeling like a fluffy pillow and sofa bed. Home is safe and cozy like a couch. All people deserve to make good memory. The fireplace keeps me warm at night and in the cold day’s in the winter. In the summer, the hot air keeps me warm.

For me, in the morning, I like to have a hot chocolate while my Nanny and Grampy drink some coffee. The hot chocolate feels warm and creamy. My room feels safe. It feels better than living on the street.

I feel safe in my home because my Nanny and Grampy keep me safe. Our livingroom smells like strawberries that has just been picked. Our basement is clean and bright and cozy. My dog will bark if someone comes in the door. All people in the world deserve a home like my home.