Grade 6

Portugal Cove-St Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

Warm and welcome

When I walk into my home all of my problems go away and my heart fills with joy.
I cannot describe how good it feels when I come home after a long day and be able to walk into the home and have my dog there to welcome me and go into the kitchen and my Mom be there making dinner for us.

A home to me is a place where you are safe, and cared for. A home is where all of your memories are made. A home is where you hang your pictures. It is also where you have your most accidents but you are still loved, and a home can be anywhere and you could have many different homes. Your home could be on the other side of the world and when you are at your home you are filled with joy because you know you are safe there if you get hurt you run home so you can heal. Everybody has a home even the first people on the planet had homes. It might not have been as good as ours but it was still a home.

I have first hand experience because this year I left my home in British Columbia and moved to Newfoundland and was trying to transform my house into a home and I know it wasn’t easy but me and my family managed to do it and now we have two homes one in British Columbia and one in Newfoundland.

Even though a house is just wood, metal, paint, and a few nails in the wall you still need to have a house to make it a home. A home is very important because it is where your bed is and where you sleep but it is not always because your home could be at school or work wherever you feel safe.

A house is not a home until you move into it.