Grade 5

Sturgeon County

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

One time I was just walking along the street and I saw something very surprising. I see this group of people who were helping this man, who seemed to be homeless. He was just tearing up.

I thought that he was sad, so I said “Hey, why are you sad?”

He responded with a response that shocked me. He said, “I am not sad. He said I am overwhelming with joy.”

At first, I was shocked like OMG what just happened. Then I looked up and saw people who were just working away, like there was no tomorrow. “The man on the sidewalk is taking a break”, another guy said, “we are Habitat for Humanity.”

“What’s habitat for humanity?”, I asked in a joyful voice.

“We help the homeless build a home. We donate to the homeless. For example we give away couches for comfort and help paint the house with the paint that other have people donated. The only rule here is that they have to help.”

“Where is a hard hat?” I said enthusiastically. I say to the builder, “I can I help, since I have nothing to do.”

From that point on, I never quit. I also informed my very very very big family and now they volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. It is a win win for all of us. My family had a choice and they said, “I want to help out wherever I can.” They helped out almost one hundred families.