Grade 6



Home. What is home? Is it where you can be comfortable with the people you live with? Or a place where you can let it out and hide in your room from the people you live with.
Home doesn’t have to be a house. It’s a place you feel safety and comfort, loved, and warmth from the others around.

Safety, you feel that harm isn’t in the space you are. You feel open, not harmed if you come out and open up to the people there. Say whatever and no harm was caused. You can sit beside any person there and not feel uncomfortable.

Comfort. People can tell if someone has had a rough day. If it’s a home, you should be able to talk to someone. And trust them to help you feel better at the end of the day. To feel loved.

Loved. It takes a toll. And the best feeling is, is when you can sleep knowing that someone out there loves you.

And it hurts to live with the fact that some homes are missing these key things to be safe. To be finished. And even if this was short. That is what home means to me.