Grade 5




Deep down in the basement the cellar
It gives everyone a little creep
Where the roleplay fantasies are completed
Boxes and boxes pilled together a mess
But to me they’re just forts and palaces where kings and queens live

The bathroom is where I look at my insecurities in the shiny mirror
Let the shower’s tears drop down on me and make me clean
Sitting in the side corner until the tub reaches its peak

To the bedroom with the pure white walls
With a bed and a vanity
A wardrobe four times my size
Where I play dress up with my cousins
Where I wonder into my slumber, my dreams are awakened
Where my ideas fly around floating with me

To the hall, I pretend to be a hero
Climbing up the walls like I was powerful
Or maybe just sitting in the laundry basket
Thinking I’m a knight while holding a fake sword
Ready to get in a big battle

To the kitchen where your food ideas turn into reality
The goodies and treats can finally see the light
Where my mother cooks me ramen
And the fumes flow along in the air
Adding some salt and pepper to spice up
Some things here and there

The living room where I chill and eat
Where I personally sleep in the summers
As the breeze hits perfectly

At last the balcony the place where I start planting things
Until winter comes along and ruins it all
Where the bugs hop around until fall finally hits

I unleash my feelings at home
Where we all break down when we’re stressed where we yell
And scream until our lungs hurt and when we run out of air
But it’s alright though because
Home doesn’t judge us