Grade 6

London, on

Ty Lawson

My home is a safe Haven of familiarity.
My home Occupies the love of my family.
My home is a Mansion of happiness.
My home Extends friendship to the world.

My home Inspires me to grow and learn. My home is where I can find Solitude.

My home is a source of Laughter.

My home is Original and unique

My home is like a Vase holding a gift of flowers
My home Encourages me to explore the outside world

My home gives Abundant life

My home Nourishes me with love

My home is where I create my Dreams

My home keeps me Warm from the cold and in my heart

My home is a place where I receive Affirmative of who I am.

My home is Reliable; it will always be there for me

My home Motivates me to try new things

My home helps me Thrive outside the doors

I am grateful for my Home!!!!!!