Grade 6


Truly Home

The land of the mountains and prairies
Where I was told tales about monsters and fairies
Where I learn and I grow
Where the cold wind blows

Where the dawn fades to day
With all the colours of the array
Where the world seems so large
The stars at night, afar

The land where I can feel all my memories
Not just remember or rewind
Where my grandma baked me cookies
Where she taught me to be kind

The land where I can do my best
With my family, amongst the rest
Where I feel the most healthy and strong
Where we travel together, short or long

The land where I can choose to be
Whatever I want, it’s my destiny
Where I can relax and breathe
Because I know I am at peace

Where my dreams come to life
Where I’m never alone
Where I know I that I am
Truly at home