Grade 6


True Meaning Of Home

Ryder, Mikayla, and Umber were all my close friends; we considered ourselves a friend group. We laughed together, talked to each other, but only during break. Sometimes we would have our moments:

“Pfft look at my self portrait.” I laughed
“Woah,” Ryder teased, “it kinda looks like an ogre!”
“HAHAHA YESS!” Umber wheezed
“At least it looks better than mine!” Mikayla said while showing her portrait, “Mine looks are really plain.”
“Yours looks pretty!” I exclaimed, “Seriously though, mine looks like a rat! Haha!”

I felt happy but that feeling of being watched was still there. Teachers were always watching us. Always telling us to focus. Telling us to not get distracted. And always telling us to be quiet, we didn’t have much freedom. I was always told to do work, not much of anything else.
At camp we had more freedom; we would do fun activities but still, we would always be watched. I felt a bit better with being myself. In our rooms we had freedom and privacy. We were all starting to get ready to sleep.

“Phew, today was a long day!” Mikayla commented
“Yeah,” I added, “I definitely approve of our own room though!”
“Sledding was pretty fun.” Umber bubbled as she started brushing her hair
“Yeah but my favorite- Umber, your hairbrush… uh…” Ryder laughed so hard she couldn’t finish her sentence
We all looked at her hairbrush to see a chunk of hair stuck on it.
“HAHAHA!” Umber started dying on the floor
We all started laughing at something yet very stupid but melting

Then, I realized what home really meant to me.

Not just a roof, a bed, or food. It’s actually the people that I’m around.