Grade 5


True Meaning Of Home

A home is not a structure where there are Walls and Roofs, Televisions and Games, A home is much more than just that, a home is a place where you are loved and surrounded by loved ones and people who care for you.
Home is a place where there is laughter, Joy, and Happiness, There are also times where there is Frustration, Confusion, and Sadness.
Home is also a place where you can feel free, safe and always try to achieve your goals.
In my home, there is always lots of love from my mother, laughter from the jokes of my father, joy from the politeness of my brother, and respect from my caring sister. My home is a place where I have learned important lessons that will help me throughout my life such as love, communication, courage and much more!
Everyone deserves a home in their lives, just like mine!