Grade 5

Nova Scotia

True Meaning of Home

My home is where I never give up,
And learned to stand up with every step of the way.
I’m happy to have a place that is filled with love and happiness that I can rely on any day.

A smile comes to me, when I see a home like mine.
My home is the only place where I can enjoy things like, cooking, eating, playing and learning.
And right now I’ll tell you why.

You see, a home is not just made up of a roof and four walls. It is made up of love, that is created by cheerful and happy memories a family makes all day long.

A place like mine is where I started first enjoying moments in life.
And told the truth when I did something like lie.

Some people have no place to call home, wich is sad to say.
So charities and foundations are asking people to write words on a page.
I am really happy to be part of this change.