Grade 5


Together At Home

Once upon a time there was a family. They were rich. But then The parent’s (Mr. & Mrs. Bellpepper) bank stole all their money, so they couldn’t pay their bills, and so the family soon became homeless. One day, Mr. Bellpepper found a homeless shelter. The people at the homeless shelter let the Bellpeppers stay for 5 nights. On the 3rd night, Mr Bellpepper was having a chat with his beloved, sweet sweet little child, (because all kids are sweet, obviously) Johny Johny. Johny Johny asked; ”Daddy, is this our house? And where is home?” Mr. Bellpepper replied; “This is our house for only 2 more nights. Home is where we are safe, happy, and together. Our temporary house is just a shelter, but it could be a home, but never our true home. Home is full of love, positivity, and kindness. When we are at home, we hang out, enjoy yummy meals, and have fun!” Now, I know what you are thinking. That was a lot of words for a five year old to take in, but Johny Johny somehow understood. “When we are together as a family, I’m at home, right?” Johny Johny asked. “Of course!” Mr Bellpepper replied. “You are very good at making speeches, you should make speeches for a living, and we could finally have a home!” Mrs. Bellpepper exclaimed. Well, based on what Mrs. Bellpepper said, it was clear that she was not listening to Mr. Bellpepper. “But we are together, so we are already at home!” Johny Johny and Mr. Bellpepper shouted simultaneously. “Ok then, we can get a house” Mrs. Bellpepper grumbled. And so Mr. Bellpepper became famous because of his speeches, and the Bellpeppers were never homeless again, not homeless, but “houseless”. And they all lived happily ever after.