Grade 5


To Us, What is Home?

To Us, What is Home?

What is home to people? A safe place? A room of imagination, maybe even a fantasy? We all belong in one. Whatever we believe, know, are or feel. We belong in a place of dreams and love. The limits of imagination are infinite and our minds full of thoughts.

Home is for love, support, feeling, truth, trust, space and exception, really – for anything. Whether you believe different or think straight, no one should be left out of a house, apartment or anything with food, water or a roof. Everyone should belong somewhere. People never should yell hurt full words at people who have more or less. Everyone should be caressed in arms of family, friends and support.

If nobody else submits more stories, advice, positive words or love. Not many will have a happy story of happiness and warmth. A house is worth hours and hours of work for people, though others have more. Others could live in places that aren’t safe or well taken care of.

As I write, people might not be safe where they are. We never know what is happening in peoples’ lives. Habitat for Humanity (HFH) can change it all. We can help them find the right places for people in cities around the world. A healthy place for human kind and animals. The community needs us and we have to understand that the wealthy aren’t only entitled to houses! We as people belong in safe places. If no one else thinks so, I’ll gladly argue for the rights of the poor!

By: Clara