Grade 5

Christopher Lake

To the Love of My Life

To the Love of My Life
You took me in when I was so young
You raised me through my years,
My day of sorrow, my days of pleasure
You are my third parent, guardian; my comfort
You take in my pain and share it with me…
Even though you usually take it better than me.
I love your way of dealing with problems-
The stand there and suck it up way.
You are the wonderful and warm place I look forward to coming back to after a long day of school, swimming, and music.
I could go on…
Even though you can’t speak, every time I walk in your door I can hear you saying, “ Welcome back, I missed you”
And when I go to sleep at night it’s, “Goodnight. I love you.”
And if it wouldn’t be “talking to myself”, I would say “thank you” and/or “I love you too”
So, thank you home, thank you
My loving,
Strong home.
My dearest home-
Thank you!