Grade 4

Stillwater Lake
Nova Scotia

To Me Home Means…

To me home means a lot of things. My home has four corners, each representing Safety, Love, Fun and Comfort.

To me home is a place where I am safe from the freezing outdoors and dangerous weather. When there is a snow storm and freezing wind outside, I feel warm and safe inside my home. Its walls protect me from the cold wind chill. Inside my home, I also feel safe from bad people that could hurt me.

To me home is a place where I am loved and where my loved ones live. At home I can snuggle with my warm fuzzy cat. I can talk with my mom, my dad and my brother. They cheer me up all the time. At home we help one another. I can always get help with my homework or practicing my hockey skills. I help cleaning after my cat and cleaning around the house.

To me home is a place where I can play my fun video games, shoot hockey pucks outside, or draw my favorite characters. I can invite friends to my house to play or sleep over and have a wonderful time.

To me home is a place where I can be warm, where I can sleep in my cozy bed and where I can eat lovely food. My favorite is fish and chips served with a little bit of Ketchup.

To me home is paradise and a place of a lifetime.