Grade 6


to me home is

The meaning of home is …
Many people live in houses but home is different. Here are the three main reasons why . Home is where memories are made. The second reason is where you are loved, and, finally, it is where you feel safe.
The first reason is where memories are made,like learning how to do something , or when traditions are created. Another reason is because when your brother makes you laugh so hard until you cry those are memories that you don’t forget.
The second reason is because you are loved . You feel loved and cared for. At home you can go cry to someone when you are hurting. And even when you do something stupid or argue, you are still loved
Last, but certainly not least, home is a safe place. Let me be clear that doesn’t mean iron bars on the windows , it really means you are safe from weather and the cold. But if you do not feel safe at home something needs to change.
A home is where family is. Home is where you are fed . Home is a safe place. A house is just a place where you live. Where you have gatherings with friends and family, there has to be connection at home.