Grade 5

British Columbia

To me home is….

To me home is…

To me home is where you feel loved and safe. Where I feel loved and safe is at home, at school, and at a friends house. A friends house isn’t quite the same because to you it is just a building,just a house but to your friend it is they’re home.your home has all your stuff in it your home has all the love it has protection and your parents (but if you’re judging this you probably don’t live with your parents)

To me home is where you feel loved and protected. Your parents are there to protect you even if they have passed away, Your pets can protect you too, my dogs ward of other unwanted animals such as bears, cougars, racoons and deer (since we have a garden). Your animal doesn’t need to be a dog either your little baby rabbit can protect you too you can cuddle them and they will make you feel safe and better on a bad day they also give you warmth.

To me home is your home country, knowing your DNA My mom was born in Manitoba but when she was still little her mom, (my grandmother) her sister, her brother and herself all moved to P.E.I. My dad was born in ontario but is half italian I’m glad because That means I’m a quarter italian and I get the Italian skin that never burns

So to sum it all up…
To me home is where you feel protected it’s where you feel loved, where
you feel safe and warm and it’s where you feel comfortable to be,
It’s where you feel at home.