Grade 6


To Me Home Is…

To Me Home Is…

We all can’t agree on the same meaning of home
Everyone has a different meaning for home

To me home is like a different world
Built for only me and my family
Home is where I grew up
A place where I love to be
Home is where I can be free
From all the thoughts inside my head

Home is where I feel special
Where I can be creative
Where I can become a new me
And find my talents
Home is a place where dreams are made to come true
All those things describe home,but more importantly
Home is a place where I spend time with my family

Home is a loving place for everyone
Where no one is excluded
And everyone is included
Where we all laugh and make each other laugh
Where we smile and make others smile
It’s a place where I feel safe and secure
Where there are so many positive things

Home has the feeling of love and warmth
A place full of memories
Home is my happy place
Home is where we realize our mistakes
And fix them too
Home is where I truly know who I am

I am grateful that I have a home
And I really hope this poem will help a family build their home and happiness as well.

By Jiya Shah