Grade 4


To Have a Home

People do not usually think about how lucky they are. People need to think about how others do not have homes and need to be more grateful. Do not be like, “Aw, I have to share a bedroom with my brother and my sisters gets to have a room all to herself.” Think more positively and be like, “Well sure it might be a pain to sleep in the same room as my brother but hey, look on the bright side! At least I have a room.” So what I’m trying to say is at least you have a house, which is a place to go to, to have shelter, to be warm when it is cold outside, to be cool when it is hot outside. Some people do not have a place to go to. Some people have to freeze because they don’t have anything to keep them warm. They have to deal with all the weather conditions. Some people have to be embarrassed because they do not even have proper clothes. They have no food on their plate and they have to travel miles just to get a very little bit of clean water. $5 to them is score to them. So do not be unhappy that you have to share a room. Be happy that you even have a bed to sleep in.