Grade 5


To be Myself

What does home mean to me? Well I’m going to tell you that today! Home is where I feel safe. I feel safe around my family because I can trust them. If I embarrass myself I know that they will comfort me. Not make me feel like a legit piece of garbage. I can tell my parents secret’s and they will support me. My parents are super nice and I can tell them anything.

I feel safe around my friend’s. I like that I can tell my BFFL anything without her judging me. She will support me anytime, anywhere. She is the best friend I could ever have. We also have a friend group called the 5 amigos. We have two traditions one is playing the card game Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza and we also have a tradition (in the winter) that we stick our faces in the snow. We have a tree that we hang out at and we call it the Tik Tok tree.

I feel comfortable around my family. Where I can feel safe. I can relax/sleep without feeling unsafe. I feel comfortable in my pajamas. In my pajamas I feel like a Super Star! When I’m in my pajamas I feel so comfortable.