Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Through a Monkey’s Eyes: The Meaning of Home

Why hello there! My name is Cherry and I’m a spider monkey. Our kind is the most flexible kind of monkey species out there! I’m sure you’ve heard of me or seen me. There are spider monkeys everywhere in the world whether in zoos, the wild, and even out at the parks in some “monkey friendly” countries. My troop lives in the Amazon Rainforest! You can come to visit me but make sure to look up into the trees because I’m a arboreal monkey, one that lives up in the canopies. I feel right at home! But do you want to know what a real monkey home is? Alright, if you want to know what a real monkey home is like, read on!

Right, the home. Safety is important. Because arboreal monkeys like us live up in canopies, we are exposed to our main predators, harpy eagles. Anyways, by having those big leaves, it covers us from our predators and branches are used for a quick escape. Safety from humans is also very important. Everyone knows that monkeys are very smart. Capuchins, for example, are skilled tool users. They use rocks to smash nuts and use giant branches to club those snakes. Due to their intelligence, they are often used in lab experiments.

Next, we need very spacious homes. Like very spacious! Anyway, the reason is that us monkeys are barely in the same spot. We venture far for food. Furthermore, we also need lots of trees.

Alright, next we obviously need food as a mandatory component for life. We feed on nuts, fruits, leaves, eggs and small animals. Obviously, we’re omnivores. Food also gives us energy. Without food, we would die. Following food, dehydration is also bad for monkeys.

Anyways, I’m so tired! Hope you learned more!