Grade 5


This Was My Home

My name is Alexa and my home is one of the most imported things I have, I hope yours is too. I get freedom and loyalty, I can do anything and everything. I can get up and out of my warm cozy bed and get in to my fresh new clothes and drive in a car to the mall. I buy lots of things like a whole meal at Wendy’s then another thing and another thing. I wish I can be rich and famous one day , everyone has a home I know that for a fact. I have a tv in my room and a dog and a bird. i love my life and it’s the best thing i could hav(all that she knows) I`m Emily and i`m just a little girl and I live in a box and have some canned food and 7 dollars, I have 2 sets of rags to wear and a sack of random things that might be useful that I found on the street. There is a stray cat that comes around once in awhile that comforts me. I have to move a lot because no one really likes us on their property. l get at least 4 dollars per day and when it rains I have to go to my friends store. Just under the little ledge it provides shelter, but if the customers do not like me, I get wet and I have to go and find a new box. After its done raining I always have to do everything the people want me to do. If they say get lost I do get lost, I can never know where I’m at. When I see a gas station I run for cover and suit up to see if I can go in, if they say no I walk away and go somewhere else, if they say yes then I go in look around. I say to the cashier “have a good day,” he says “yes what are you looking for”, and I say “oh umm water I’m going to do sports”, he says “cool, over here and break a leg at you thing”. I’m not sure what that means, I did not go to school but I think I know most things, so I just smile get my water to buy and walk away. and skip down the street and go back to my box and repeat this again the next day. (then she knows how this girl feel )(Alexa) This is my nightmare, well I hope this is, I don’t want to be homeless. I thought there was no one that does not have a home. I don’t have all my candy, my bed, my comfort, my family, all my friends and the things in my house. Well i was looking around and i saw a(little girl is Emily) little girl that was skipping down a street looking at me. That’s when I found out that she was homeless as well as me. I was complaining about being able to go in a house when I became homeless a few days ago, but she was homeless for a couple of months. I had to give her my 50 dollars, then I had 40 left. I still had a lot of things, I lived the rest of my life just how I wanted it, sometimes things happen and you just need to accept them it’s not what you don’t have it’s what you still have.