Grade 6

Oakbank ,MB

This Place Called Home

Home is a place where you grow up. Getting taller and different every single day. This place is where you see siblings learning, growing, and getting smarter.

Home is where you wake up on Sunday Mornings. Smelling the pancakes, hearing the bacon popping and sizzling and eggs frying on the pan. Wanting the sweet breakfast to be ready. Opening curtains and seeing the sun sparkle like a pearl. The breakfast you wish you could have every morning.
Home is where you wake up on Christmas morning. With your family. These people who love you and care for you. Wanting to open up the joy inside your presents. Not wanting to stop for breakfast or even coffee for the adults. You just don’t want it to end.

Home is a place where you feel most comfortable. You feel safe from all of the dangers of the outside world. Where the love surrounds you from your family. The place with the people who love you and who love your company.

Our homes all have memories. Like for example when you wake up on Christmas morning or Easter. The thing that feels so magical. Also the birthday parties. It could’ve been mine, my sisters or even it could be a birthday party for relatives that are at my house, no matter what it will always been exiting.

This place is a wish, or a dream. Something that not everyone has. The place where people don’t have memories of. Never take it for granted, this place called home.