Grade 5

British Columbia

this is what my home looks like.

Home means a tremendous amount of items to me. I am going to start with my family: Mom, Dad, grama, Scweacer Germo, Kona, Rouge, Persy, and me but this list is out of date because Scweacer, Germo, Kona and grama are died. Sceacer and germo, who were cats, died due to an illness before I was born. Kona, who was a dog, died in the summer of 2019. He was old and sick so we had to put him down. My grandma also died in the summer of 2019 too, but they know they are always in my heart.
Rouge and persy are my cat and dog now. When I hear the word home it reminds me of some terrific and funny memories like when I was younger I would always throw my backpack down and go see my grandma and she would teach me how to show it was so much fun oh and it also reminds me of going camping with friends and family. My family is an extremely important part of my home, because without them I be nothing.
Another item that reminds me of home is three of my stuffys I got when I was born. Monkey, bunny and baby monkey. Monkey looks like a monkey and bunny looks like a bunny, but baby monkey is the odd one out who has five magnets in him. One on each of his paws and one on his neck. Home isn’t the building you live in, it’s the people and objects around you that you love that is a home to me.
The word home means so much to me. I don’t think it’s 300 words I think it’s 3000 words so I’ll stop there.