Grade 6


This is What Home Means to Me

While driving to my home from my lovely school, I looked at all the different houses, some so big and beautiful with large yards and big porches. Some have two levels and some just have one. Some older houses as well as some newer houses, but I just see a house. I see yards, some have trees, and some do not have any. I see driveways, walls, windows, and roofs. I just see a house, but the people living inside of those houses, it is home to them.

I get to my house it is a small house with two pine trees in the front yard and lots of the same things as the other houses, but to me I say, “I am home”. It is my home with my mom and dad and my two dogs. Home is a place I feel safe and protected with lots of great memories, and a lot more memories to come as each year goes by. There is my growth chart written on my door, I can slowly see myself growing as the years go by. I feel love and positivity in every room i go in. I love my house as we drive up the driveway. As we walk up the stairs as a family, but as soon as I slide my key in the keyhole door and turn it open, I am glad to say that i am now home to make more joyful and peaceful memories