Grade 6


This is What Home Means to Me

Home is when you smell fresh baked cookies coming from the kitchen,
Home is when you hear laughing coming from the basement because you’re watching a funny movie with your family.
Home is to come home from a tournament and have your family there to congratulate you.
Home is to have your family comfort you when something bad happens.
Home is when you decorate your house with friends to get your family all ready for holidays.
Home isn’t just a place where you sleep,eat and go to school, home is a special place where you spend time with the people most important in your life.
Although it hurts to say it, some people don’t have a home, no place to curl onto the couch and read, no one to comfort them when they’re feeling down and no backyard to kick a ball around or play basketball with a friend or family member.
Next time you think about your home, think about how lucky you are to have a
special place like home to live in.