Grade 6


This is the meaning of HOME to me

If you search up the definition of home, it comes up as” the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or
household “but the meaning of home to me is a place that I love. Home is some were I love to stay and wish to always be. Home is my forever home and I am its forever home. Home is where I make my warmest memories with my loved ones and were my family comes to reunite and how I wish to be with. Home is where the ones who support you and care for you when you are sick or sad, home is where I’m inspired to keep going and doing what I love what makes me happy and giving me the strength to keep trying. Home is where I love to play board games with my family and have a nice evening home is where I love to celebrate family holidays, home is where there is clean water and a hot meal, home is where I can be protected from the negative emotions home is a place that will always be yours and no other because you could move away from your house but you can’t move away from home because it is not a building it is a feeling and a place where it shields the happy thoughts and that’s the meaning of home to me.