Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador

This Is My Home

My home is a safe place,a place where i can dance around in my pajamas on a snow day. My house is a loving and honest….. Kind of household,a household where we laugh and cry. A place where we fight and forgive a place where we will fall and rise again. My house can be like a zoo sometimes. Sometimes it does not feel like a home but i always remember that home is not about how big or small it is a home is about the people you are with,love makes up a home. My home is warm and cozy and sometimes cold and breezy.

My house has a lot of scents and feelings. My house can smell like tacos when i get out of the shower and smell like bacon on Saturday mornings. My house can feel like a big warm fuzzy blanket and can feel like a cold bucket bucket of water all over your body. My house could have been made of sticks and mud it could have been made of straw or Lego blocks; but it wasn’t it was made of bricks and cement. My house is where i live and i love and appreciate my home ~ home is not a place it is a blessing.