Grade 5

Happy Valley Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

This is My Home!

This Is My Home!

Home is a part of my heart.
I’d rather be there then the mart.
Home is where I sleep.
When I do I don’t make a peep.
Home is where I’m cared about.
I love my home Without a doubt.
I have my basement and I’m not scared.
It is a home.

Homes have rooms.
We sweep them with brooms.
We sweep it with care.
Get rid of the dirt and hair.
Homes have roofs and floors.
And at the entrance they have doors.
Some homes have a garden and garage.
Some people think it is a mental massage.

I love my home during hard times.
Paint the house and cut the vines.
Take care of your house like it’s a part of you.
And love people in your house too.
Hang up on the door a welcome sign.
And make your house nice and fine.
Don’t let it gather up dust.
Clean and clean, you must, you must!

My dog does not need a house, it has mine.
I let people use it all the time.
They can sleep in our bed, so they can rest their head.
My mom and dad live there too just like me.
I think we can all agree.
We need a house to sleep in at night.
Home is a thing that won’t bite.
Home is something we need and love.
We all need a home.