Grade 5


This is my Home

This story is about what home means to me. I feel like I can do whatever I want, I have my bed in my home. My kitchen, my bathroom, my mom lives in my home. My home is where I feel the most comfy, safe, happy and myself. I craft and draw in my room.

My home is where I see my dog and next I see my mom. Then my grandma or as I call her gamma. Some weeks I see my dad because he works away for 1 week and home 1 week.

Home is where I feel like I belong. Home is where I have my toys and my Ipad, phone and airpods. I dance and sing in my home.

Home is where I can find my couch and sit and relax. I play board games in my home. We laugh and we love each other. It is where we want to be all the time even if we are having fun out.