Grade 5


This Is Home

This Is Home

Home is where I feel protected. Knowing that there’s always someone out there for me. Where we build cherished memories- memories of hope, love, tears, and joy. Spending the most wonderful time with our loved ones. Sitting by the fire, laughing, playing, and always feeling relieved when we are a safely tucked into warm silk sheets, or staying up to watch the sun rise, falling asleep on my mom’s lap, filled with fuzzy feelings inside. Always loved, and always to be loved. Getting soaked in the rain after school, getting dried off by the warm sun, and seeing a glorious rainbow before our eyes.

As great as my own home is, we live on Earth, where everyone counts. Everybody is a person. Whether they go out to battle for our country, or whether it is someone living their last days. We all are someone, and we know that we count. This Is Home.

Aditi Iyer