Grade 6


This is “home”

This is “Home!”

Home is a place you can have the shelter to live, including where you can have your survival needs met. Home is a place we can go to every day. Home is a place where we feel like we are in luxury.

Home is a place where you can live peacefully. It has food and water also it keeps you safe and warm. I’m grateful for what home gives me. If we didn’t have a home, that means “No Shelter!” It’ll be hard to live because you won’t be warm and you will freeze and you won’t be safe.

In home we need company, Or you don’t need. Instead, It’s a want. But it can be a need for you. Also you can be grateful for the people you live with you. It can be family and friends. For me I have a brother that lives with me even my Mom and Dad. Also you can include pets. I have a ten month old puppy living with me.

Home is not just a place where you have your survival needs met and the people you spend time with. You can have “Fun” You can watch TV. Play Sports, Play video games and maybe more. I watch TV and play video games and I have a snow cone maker. I make snow cones with. These fun activities can make you “Happy and Joyful.

This is what home is: A spot you can survive. A place where you can be happy and joyful also Grateful. A place you can even have comfort and have people live with you. Because that is home.