Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

This is Home

I’ve just come home from a hard day at school. My backpack is heavy on my back. I turn the handle and open the door. My mom is baking. The smell of fresh bread overwhelms me. I’m home.

I collapse down on the sofa and start reading a book. I can feel the stress melting out of me. I snap back to reality as my mom asks how my day was. “Not great,” I say. “Well, you’re home now,” she says softly, “no one can hurt you.”

My dog, Nahla, has just realised I’m home. She sprints up to me as fast as she can, ears flat on her head, tail wagging furiously! Looking up at me, eyes fixed on mine, I swear she’s beaming! Nahla flops down on the floor in front of me for a belly rub. Her fur is soft on my hand. She would stay there forever if I kept stroking her.

A few hours later, my dad tells me to come down from my room for dinner. Roast beef and yorkshire puddings. My favourite! We chat about the day, the good and the bad. My brother Finn gets wiggly. He puts music on and starts to breakdance. We all laugh as he tries to spin on his head.

When I finish eating, I clear my plate away and go upstairs. I have a shower, curl up in my warm, comfy bed and read a book. My eyelids feel heavy and slowly, I drift off to sleep.

This is home, and I can’t imagine what life would be like without one. I’m hoping that this story can contribute to giving someone the comfort and safety of a home like mine.