Grade 6


This Is Home

People mistake a home for a house. Houses are built with wood glass and paint. Homes are built with love, compassion and hope. My house is a big brown two story with a garage and lots of windows. My home is a peaceful place where you can express yourself. Slamming doors and screaming children are often found within it, but there are laughing and smiling children within it too.
Every house is built on a foundation some on a foundation of cement or some even of wood. Like every house a home is built on a foundation, a home’s foundation is built with love, trust, compassion, and truth. Which means a home’s foundation is hard to break when a houses could be broken easy because, a home’s foundation is built stronger and ready for anything that challenges it.
My home brings family together again and again. It brings smile and laughter for days on end. I couldn’t wish for anything better. My home is like a box of chocolates every day a new surprise.