Grade 6


This is Home

Home is where
everyone cares
excitement, happiness, safe.

No one should care what race,
everyone should have their own place,
to go be themselves.

A place not to be judged
a place to be hugged
a place that you can call home.
And if you are reading this poem be grateful
For what you have.
Lots have something,
some have nothing.

People need to be hugged,
not to be judged.
I know that we can’t have a perfect world,
but at least for everyone to have a home,
that would be better than nothing
for everyone to have a place to sleep,
a place to keep,
That would be the best thing that anyone can have.

Better than an iPad,
better than a new toy,
better than anything you can buy.
I would deny anything.

To have no poverty,
in our world
is the best wish you can have.

I hope to win this poem not to get the iPad,
but to get us one step closer
to the world that we all want to have.

Four walls with a roof seems like a crazy thought.
But it is not.
It keeps us warm and cozy.

I am very grateful for my home.
Home is where people can be themselves.
And some people don’t have that feeling.

This is home.