Grade 6


This Is Home

A home is a place where you feel safe, I say, it’s a place where family shows you love, and it stays.
There could be many places that you call home,
But I’m here to tell you in a friendly tone.
A home is a place where people laugh and play,
Some people might do that all day,
But not all homes show a happy life,
Some people don’t get to come home to a caring family, right?

Those people might live in shelters or even the streets,
That’s why it’s important to give them treats or even give them money or a new phone.
Just be sure to make them feel at home.
What if some people do have homes to come to,
But they’re not welcome?
Because their family doesn’t care whatever happens to them?
Therefore, we should all help them, even if it starts off with one small rhythm.