Grade 6


This is a home to me.

Home is something that we live share memories and have fun here are three reasons what makes a home a home…

Food: Lots of people don’t have food in the world that’s why i’m grateful of my mom and dad working to get the money for food. Because i eat a lot so that’s why i’m really thankful to have food to eat every day. The food we eat is food that my dad and mom ate when they were little we eat lots of different foods but every Sunday we eat roti & curry which tastes good.

Family: I love my family and they love me back and they are supportive about everything. I’m lucky that i have a family they do everything and i have a lot of memories with them that will never go away.My family is nice caring and loving i love them just one year ago i got my Nintendo Switch for my Birthday.

Warmth: Warmth is what i feel when my family is with me because i love them and they love me back that warmth is what makes us a family because we share memories..Memories like when we went to the beach with my aunt or when we went to are cousins house on the weekends.

This is what family really means to me Food to eat , My family and warmth with memories we share. This is a home to me.