Grade 4


This Home

Home reminds me of myself
I see memories wherever I look
All the happiness my life took
My home tells me stories when I am bored
It tells me stories of my happy lore
This home holds my family in a safe and happy place
Because wherever I go, my actions leave a greatly valued trace

My home is where I can think of me
Where I could never be judged while I scream
Home is where I find happiness and determination
My home is like a cheerleader that makes me be and feel successful in life It is where I feel like myself
This home is the bright light of day at the end of the darkest tunnel

I feel like everyone should have a home
A place where they are not lone
But in a giant box of happiness
Where they feel loved
A home is a part of life
But not a choice in life
Because that is a house and not a home
This home is what creates my memories
A home is where you stay and remember for the rest of life

-Allan Rusev