Grade 6


This country of ours

Home to me is a very important
possession. To me, it can be a place of hard-working
succession. That will later lead me to have
a profession. Like my parents who always have time to
make me and my brothers have joyful facial

Homes can change the lives of the homeless,
warming their hearts of frostbitten coldness. This 30,000 $
plus the 10 $ per entry will give them a home they can
fill with their love and new memories, which is our act of boldness. As
Citizens of this country it should be our duty out of our kindness to get
as many people off the street as possible, so that when they continue their new lives they will live fearlessly.

Home is a place far apart from poverty.
We are close together in this country but we are a wide diversity of people. It will
make them stop doing stuff like robbery. Who knows one day,
they might even win the lottery and give back to the community. All I am saying is that these people need help and they
need it now. This is our country. This country of ours.