Grade 6


Think this

The meaning of home is very special

This is the meaning…

When you are sad and lonely you need a place to go

It’s called HOME. It’s YOUR place to go, Home is very special.

Home is Gods place too. You sleep, eat, shower, drink. All that from 1

Place its crazy. Ok but onto another Home is your childhood memories

You can’t just leave them behind. Now get ready for this journey back

To the PAST. Home is the place to stay, love home as it loves you.

Home, it is the place to love, forgive and meet with your family.

Home you don’t forget Home you will get. You love Home, Home

Loves you. Home makes room for everyone too! In a House you have

A living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. In a Home you

Have love, being happy and memories. People have different

Kinds of meanings of Home. Everyone needs a place to stay.