Grade 6

British Columbia

Think of Home

What is home? Is it just a place where you sleep, or is it more? Home can be many things. For me home is a place I feel safe, a place that takes away my worries, and a place where I can be myself. It may not be the same but for me it is wonderful. Some people take a house for granted and do not appreciate what they have, I am not one of those people. I appreciate everything that I have and I appreciate that my parents can put food and water on the table for me and my four siblings. When I think of people being homeless and poor, I feel sad and sympathetic. I hope in the future our world won’t be in chaos, but now it is so we have to work for it. Sometimes when we feel sad our home is where we go, or when I feel like I want to die, my home makes me feel better. Home is where my heart lives, it’s where my happiness lives, and it’s where I live. I love my home and how it looks and feels. It feels happy and looks joyful and I just love my home. So again, is home just a place you sleep, or is it more? Home is way more than just that.