Grade 6


Things Have to Change…Now!

I’ve seen people without a home before. Most of these people have a sad look, probably wishing they had a bed and some food. And it makes me mad! I don’t know what they have done to not own a home, but I know that everyone should have a home. It’s so important, a home is a place where we feel safe, a place where we want to be. I can’t imagine a family who doesn’t have a home. A home is a place where children should grow up with wonderful childhood memories. A place where we can create new and better memories. Children or adults, everyone should always have a place where they feel safe and comfortable, I want to change this.

A home is unique,
It’s someplace where we feel comfortable and safe,
It may be small,
Or it may be tall,
But we should all have one ,
It’s a place where we spend time with family
A home is usually very lovely,
Even if sometimes it may seem plain,
You should be grateful
For having a roof over your head during stormy nights,
And for someone to make sure that your future is bright,
You should be grateful for having such a wonderful family
Because for me,
My home is the only place I want to be.